A Virtual Real Estate Marketplace With Real-World Benefits

Metamovers Uses AI to Help You Find, Value, & Purchase Virtual Real Estate While Unlocking Real World Benefits

Formerly Witly.io

Metamovers is bringing all Metaverse
virtual real estate to a single platform.

While Unlocking Real-World Real Estate

Benefits with the World's Largest Brands

The Fastest way to Find, Value, & Purchase Virtual Real Estate While Unlocking Real World Benefits

Metamovers helps you find the top Virtual Real Estate property available in the Metaverse in minutes. Our AI tools will consistently monitor the top Virtual Real Estate projects moving up in value and notify you so that you can purchase (or sell) it.

While the world continues to realize the power and potential of blockchain NFT’s, the early movers are seizing the opportunities that exist in the Metaverse while unlocking real-world real estate benefits.

Finding the most promising locations and NFTs (where Tesla might be opening their next Virtual showroom) is tough with new projects being launched and existing projects developing faster than ever. For new and experienced buyers it can get overwhelming to find, value, and purchase virtual real estate.

Metamovers streamlines the Virtual Real Estate browsing and buying experience with an NFT marketplace. Metamovers consistently aggregates all NFT land sales across the the different Metaverse platforms. This enables you to quickly identify trending Virtual Real Estate projects.

When you make a move in the Metaverse with Metamovers, you unlock real-world real estate benefits. When you buy a piece of virtual land, you unlock rebates and credits that can go towards buying land in the real world through one of our Metamover agents!

Metamovers Traction

User Generated Real Estate Sales
User base growth in 2021
Monthly Recurring Revenue increase in 2021

Metamovers Road Map

Our vision for right now while we continue to build towards the future in the Metaverse

Q4 2023

Community Development
Finalize New Partnerships 
Finalize Marketing Plans 

Q1 2024

Begin Marketing Initiatives
Finalize Launchpads & Exchanges
Final Preparations for TGE

Q2 2024

$MOVES Token Launch 

Meet the Founder

Grant Wise is a serial entrepreneur. He’s the Founder of Witly, an automated advertising platform built for Real Estate agents. Grant has built a number of multi-million dollar companies in the education and technology space and his skillsets, relationships, and visionary persona will lead Metamovers to bright new future. Grant has helped thousands of real estate agents globally sell over $2B of real estate while transforming their businesses. Grant has a passion for dreaming of the future while living in the present which positions him perfectly for the Metaverse. His innovative solutions will help Metamovers create a community that benefits from the here and now while his team develops for the future in the Metaverse. 

Meet the CTO

Jeremy’s technical expertise spans over twenty years, marked by a significant evolution through the realms of information technology and immersion into the world of blockchain. Beginning his journey in support, Jeremy’s foundational years in the IT landscape were spent within the trenches of technical problem-solving, a period during which he honed his skills relentlessly. His trajectory soon ascended, taking him through the roles of an engineer, a technical analyst, and ultimately to the managerial heights within the IT domain of a massive $3 billion corporation, specializing in supply chain and distribution. This exposure to complex systems and logistics imbued his skillset with a robust understanding of large-scale enterprise needs and processes. In a strategic pivot in 2018, Jeremy embraced the digital marketing sector, a move that would serendipitously usher him into the cutting-edge arena of blockchain technology. Having spent close to a decade in the field, Jeremy’s involvement is not merely participatory; it’s innovative and foundational. He has not only witnessed but also contributed to the blockchain evolution by constructing his own blockchain from the ground up. Jeremy is at the forefront of integrating blockchain into real-world applications. Jeremy worked to build an NFT Exchange for Consortia where he led the charge on democratizing real estate data.  He also worked with companies like ChainRaise, where he led the charge in the novel venture of fractionalizing real estate on the blockchain, a testament to his foresight and ability to harness technology for practical, transformative purposes. Since 2018, Jeremy has steered development teams, an affirmation of his leadership prowess and technical acumen. His experience in running specialized teams underscores his potential as the ideal candidate for the role of CTO at Metamovers, where the fusion of real estate and blockchain technology is not just an incidental match but a deliberate stride toward the future.

Metamovers History

Metamovers  is the evolution of Witly, a marketing automation tool used by thousands of Real Estate agents for generating leads and increasing sales. Witly runs ads for Real Estate companies, saving time and money one would typically invest hiring marketing agencies.

Metamovers is founded by Grant Wise, a serial entrepreneur, who has helped thousands of agents all over the world implement his training and technology to grow their businesses. Now, the Metamovers  team is taking all of their acquired knowledge and expertise and using it on the Metaverse to help guide buyers and sellers to the top Virtual Real Estate NFT projects while unlocking real-world real estate benefits. 


Evan Luthra
Crypto Influencer, Serial entrepreneur
and Investor.
“Metamovers is one of the most promising metaverse project I have come across. Grant and his team already facilitated over $2 billion in sales of real estate in the real world. As they move to metaverse with their experience I am sure hey will deliver 10 times of that value.”
Samuel Huber
Founder of Admix
Helping Brands Enter The Metaverse
Founder of Admix, the first in-play monetisation platform for gaming and the metaverse | Raised $37M from top VCs | Helping 300+ game developers monetize | Owner @VRFocus | Contributor @VentureBeat @Forbes | Obsessed about humanity’s next frontiers: the metaverse and Mars
Jason Gesing
Former CEO of EXP Realty

Jason helped grow EXP Realty from 25 agents to well over 78,000 agents in his tenure as the CEO of EXP. EXP expanded to over 20 different markets globally while building the business into a  mulit-billion dollar publicly traded company and one of the largest and more profitable real estate brands in the US. 

Michael Gord
Co-Founder & CEO of GDA Capital
Michael Gord is a serial entrepreneur and investor focused on mainstream adoption of digital assets. Michael is the co-founder & CEO of the GDA Group of Companies, which are focused across capital markets verticals in the blockchain industry. Michael is also the founder and COO of the Metaverse Group, which is vertically integrated into the metaverse real estate market. Michael has advised on billions of dollars of digital asset offerings.
Jason Stone
Millionaire Mentor
Jason is a serial entrepreneur with multiple 7 & 8 figure business ventures across various verticals of web and marketing. He is widely known by over 8 million people around the world as @Millionaire_Mentor on Instagram. He is an early-stage startup tech investor/advisor to companies, leveraging extensive experience creating go-to-market strategies and viral marketing. Jason is also the Chief Marketing Officer for Snowball, Snowball is the first (ASCI) Automated smart Crypto Investment Platform.
Sundeep Siripurapu
Visionary "Strategic Investor" Conceptual Thinker and Serial Entrepreneur
Worked with startups in the past. 30+ years of International Business Development and Venture Capital experience. With a passion for blockchain and the Metaverse, Raed is an absolute maximalist who is constantly searching for new opportunities with a unique attention to detail. He is always on the hunt for new innovations and digital solutions to explore, continuously improving companies’ and teams’ ability to deliver value. Raed holds a granted USA patent. He had managed startups in South America with over 700 employees, and he’s a strategic Investor in top Metaverse projects.